Herbs and Spices

For thousands of years herbs and spices have been shown to have many different healing powers. Herbs can prevent infections ease pain and swelling, lower cholesterol and many other healing powers. Before pharmaceuticals research has shown that herbs were used thousands of years ago. Doctors have found out that herbs can work as well as some medicines.

When you take an aspirin it reduces fever, eases pain and reduces inflammation. Before aspirin they used willow bark which contains salicin which is basically the same as aspirin. Research has shown that today thirty percent of the medicines we use today contain compounds found in plants.

Herbalists and doctors have found what herbs or spices can ease pain and help stop infections. Most herbs are easy to grow in your own garden or a simple flower-pot. But to use them properly you need dry and store them properly. This can be a difficult process so you can seek out a good herb store and buy the herbs and spices from them.

One of the main benefits of fresh herbs is that they do not have the side effects the prescription drugs. One of the main reasons to try herbs and spices is that they work. You need to research the many forms they come in from pills, or capsules and liquids. Herbs and spices will over time strengthen your immune system they are not a quick fix.

There are thousands of healing herbs and spices and can be taking in many different ways from making an herbal tea to just swallowing a pill. As always if you have a serious health condition or pregnant you should talk to your doctor before taking any healing herb. Doctors advise to make sure if you are buying fresh herbs that they smell fresh as they will lose their effectiveness over time. Don’t buy them if they smell musty or look moldy very dry or discolored. Store fresh herbs in an air tight container and store in a dark place.

There are so many herbs you should buy a new herb and spice book and read of all the healing powers they have.
Garlic: helps lower cholesterol and high blood pressure fresh garlic can be squeezed in a garlic press and made into a tea.

Chamomile: Good for indigestion and stomach upset good for sore throats.

Ginkgo: Helps prevent blood clots and increases blood flow to the brain.

Lemon balm: A calming herb and eases cold sores.

Parsley: A digestive aid and mild diuretic. Makes a nice tea.

Thyme: Eases cough and upper respiratory infections. Make a tea from the dried herb.

Anise: Eases hot flashes and other menopausal problems and help relieve gas.

You should take the herbs with meals rather than on an empty stomach. To get the most from herbs you need to take them daily with meals or in a tea form and if you are buying fresh herbs buy in small amounts so they will stay fresh. You should always talk to your doctor if you are taking medications as some herbs can block what the medicine is supposed to do.

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