Ginger Ground Ginger

As we know free radicals are bad for our health and we need to maintain a diet that helps to fight them. One of the best things you can do is eat a plant-based diet of fruits and vegetables. There are many research studies that have found ginger to be great for your health. Even the Romans kept ginger in their diets  can help relieve dozens of conditions.

Many people now know how important it is to keep some ginger at home. There is plenty of evidence from scientific research that ginger can relieve and help with migraines, arthritis, motion sickness and upset tummies.

Motion sickness is not fun as everyone knows who flies or rides in a boat when the water is rough and rolling. As is turns out research has shown that ginger is one of the best remedies for motion sickness you can buy. It helps to reduce nausea and dizziness better than drugs. In a study with sea sick sailors ginger pills reduced nausea and vomiting for 4 hours. Doctors are not sure why ginger suppresses an upset stomach.

They think it blocks the body’s vomiting reflex. You should take it a half hour before travel in fresh or powered form. You can also cut a few slices and add it to boiling water to make a ginger tea to relieve an upset stomach.


Some experts think that ginger may ease the pain of arthritis and help with migraine headaches by blocking the formation causing prostaglandis that cause pain and swelling. They say put a tea-spoon of powered ginger in hot water to make ginger tea. If you feel a headache coming on you can try one-third teaspoon of powdered ginger or fresh according to research. The gingerol in ginger has a chemical structure similar to aspirin. Ginger was also used by Native Americans and the Chinese for hundreds of years.

Ginger can be purchased in many forms. It come in fresh, dried , powered and can be bought in capsules. If possible you should use fresh ginger if you can. It seems to have the most healing compounds but all forms are good. If you are buying fresh ginger avoid soft spots, mold, or dry wrinkled skin. To get the most health benefits make sure to try to consume it has often as possible. You can add it to your tea or on a salad. Grating fresh ginger is the best way to serve it.

You can also use a garlic press to get the maximum amount of juice from the root. You need to wrap it a refrigerate it and it will last up to two weeks.If you freeze it will last up to two months. You need to peel away the skin with a peeler or sharp paring knife. Try and cut or grate it as fine as possible to get the most healing power from the juice. The best ginger is grown in Africa and India and shipped to the U.S.

Just last year, our team of doctors and specialists helped over 43,542 type 2 diabetics gain control of their blood sugar levels and insulin sensitivity, and allowed many of them to be taken off prescription drugs and stop blood sugar monitoring. This year we are on track to help over 100,000 diabetics achieve “the impossible”.

type 2 diabetics gain control!


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